J U N G L E  I N  T H E  W I N T E R

As the weather turns colder in New York, good photo ops turn up at the Bronx Zoo.

JungleWorld, with its river otters, tree kangaroos, gibbons, and langurs, is open year round. Even when it’s snowing outside, the ebony langurs are at home inside in their mangrove swamp.

The noon hour brings good ambient light to JungleWorld for best pictures.

In the wild, langurs are threatened due to overhunting and destruction of their rainforest habitat.

Photo credit: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS



P R I M A T E S  I N  P E R I L

Gorillas, all kinds, are in peril. Poaching and diseases like Ebola have decimated their numbers, even in protected areas. Their status is critically endangered. The Wildlife Conservation Society is working to make a difference by encouraging the renewal of the Save Vanishing Species stamp.

I am lucky to have western lowland gorillas as my neighbors at the Bronx Zoo. Ernie, one of our silverbacks, is a fine photo subject. He lives with his group of females at the Congo Gorilla Forest.

Standing at an angle to the exhibit glass while taking pictures helps to eliminate glare and reflections. (Yes, there is glass between Ernie and me!)

Photo credit: Julie Larsen Maher © WCS

Sources: WCS and IUCN Red List